The taste and passion of the sea, a Mediterranean story. Take a seat and enjoy the unique view of the golfo di Mondello.


The Sicilian gastronomic heritage and international cuisine are combined in a tasty and contemporary proposal. Fine flavors for all tastes.


Each course is a multi-sensory journey. The flavors are exquisite, from the raw fish to the patisserie delicacies. Each ingredient expresses its essence. It seduces the most delicate palates.

wines & mixology

Important Italian and international labels are represented on the wine list. The secret of the drinks list is to be aromatic and appealing.


The location is on the north-western coast of Sicily. In front of it is a white sandy beach and a crystal-clear sea in shades of green and blue. Mondello is home.


The restaurant has huge windows to let in the outside light. The interior is modern and minimalist. The terrace is integrated into the natural settings. Elegance and refinement by Sirenetta.


The ideal setting to make every occasion a unique one.


Enjoy the magic